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Tabletop Gamers United’s – Infinity ARO – Season 2: Episode 3

Back after a delay! Scott and Michael tackle poor sound quality and learning how to edit audio in order to bring some infinity discussion to our listeners. In this episode we recap our Gencon experiences, including our marathon of playing and running tournaments, and our experiences in the Gencon Invitational. Apologies in advance for the poor audio on Michael’s side of things.

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Tabletop Gamers United’s – Infinity ARO – Episode 6

Evil Mike (DTJunkie19) and I (Lazlo) hit the road after Templecon in Warwick, RI and talk about the Infinity events we both ran and played in but also the Dark Age tournament and just our overall experience at a truly awesome event. 

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Ending Music by Lester Bursley

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Tabletop Gamers United’s – Infinity ARO – Episode 2

In this episode Michael and Nestor are on the road to Dire States: Baltimore Brawl.  We had a 3 hour drive so figured might as well talk about our lists as well as our thoughts on what was released so far for Infinity 3rd Edition and my bad luck with talking about a particular JSA Tag.  Oreo Ka-Bootie!…

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Check out Nick’s awesome work and the pictures of the Prize for the winner of Baltimore Brawl
Ending music by Lester Bursley 
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