Episode 8a – Pre Gen Con 2014

So after some much needed rest after Gen Con 2014 we wanted to share with you guys our journey before and after.  This episode is the Wednesday morning before Gen Con where Andrew, Mike and myself are on the road very early in the morning on our way to Indianapolis. I apologize in advance for the sound quality. We were working with a digital recorder but no fear folks we plan on getting a new device for such occasions.  Hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for more.  

Download this Episode (right click and save)

Below is the link to the awesome Netrunner fan made music that we checked out on the road.  It has all three runner factions (I am partial to the Anarch one myself).  

Buffalo – The Runner Factions


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One response to “Episode 8a – Pre Gen Con 2014”

  1. wax55 says :

    We were drunk on lack of sleep, but we had a great time talking about random stuff like it was our job! Hope everyone enjoys it.

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