Nestor and Andrew just returned from a weekend at ConnectiCon! There were a couple of awesome Infinity tournaments, some 40k, Netrunner and even a demo of a game that’s new to TGU, Godslayer! Tune into our next podcast where we will give a recap of all the action plus some awesome info about the next big thing, GenCon!


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2 responses to “ConnectiCon!”

  1. Jamie Howard says :

    Loving your work guys! Came across your podcasts while having a search for decent gaming shows.

    The honesty and general gamer chat is refreshing as its obvious it isnt with bias.

    The run down on games was especially well pit together and I enjoyed hearing about infinity. The miniatures are stunning and i have now decided to take the plunge and get some minis to paint up.

    Personally i have always prefered yhe modelling and painting aspect of the hobby so this will be something new to conquer.

    • wax55 says :

      Thanks man! Always great to hear when we have a positive impact. If you’re jumping into Infinity make sure you check out our next episode, as it will focus on our favorite Spanish game!

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