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Tabletop Gamers United first contest!

For those of you who haven’t gotten the chance to listen to the end of episode 6, we would like to announce TGU podcast’s first contest!

We’re looking for 100 likes on our facebook page. All you have to do to enter is like us right here! Once we reach 100 we will randomly select one person who has liked our page to receive our awesome Infinity related prize.

The winner will be announced on our next podcast, (assuming we have reached the goal by then) around the start of September. Good luck!


Episode 6 – To Infinity!!! and beyond?

Welcome everyone to Episode 6 of Tabletop Gamer’s United. Todays episode we are joined by Michael Klein better known as dtjunkie19 on the Infinity Forums. This episode we will be talking about Infinity which has a lot of popularity in our community. Andrew myself and Mike will talk about upcoming events, our ConnectiCon recap as well as what we have in store for Gencon and beyond. Hope you enjoy.

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Recording time!

Episode 6 is in the can. We’ll get it edited up for your ear consuming pleasure very soon. In this one we focused on Infinity a little bit, and we talk about the new two player starter for it, Operation: Icestorm. To tide you over until our episode comes out, here are some awesome pictures of the new models in the box.

Plus, keep a close listen at the end of the episode for our first ever TGU podcast contest with the opportunity to earn an awesome Infinity related prize!

Aggy1 Aggy2 Aggy3 Akali Brigada CSU Father Knight Fusl1 Fusl2 Fusl3 Grenzer Nisse ORC Rev. Healer Spektr Unboxing-Corvus-Bellis-Infinity-Operation-Icestorm


Nestor and Andrew just returned from a weekend at ConnectiCon! There were a couple of awesome Infinity tournaments, some 40k, Netrunner and even a demo of a game that’s new to TGU, Godslayer! Tune into our next podcast where we will give a recap of all the action plus some awesome info about the next big thing, GenCon!

Episode 5 – Talk about it…

This Episode we are all back together to discuss the latest releases from Games Workshop, Wyrd Miniatures and Corvus Beli as well as talking about all the tournaments that have been happening this summer so far and ones that are coming up.  Have a listen and enjoy.


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Here are some of the links we mentioned on the show.

Nu Brand Gaming

Gen Con


Nova Open


And as promised, here are some of the teaser pics of Operation: Icestorm that we talked about.

Operation-Icestorm_teaser icestorm_boxart