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Outside the Box Games: Malifaux Tournament Report

So this past Sunday June 22, 2014. Three of the NYC Malifaux Crew ventured to Voorhees, NJ to a store called Outside the Box Games to play in a 35 SS Beginners Tournament hosted by the stores Henchman Jim Pardini.  Andrew, our friend Lincoln and myself fought the urge to sleep in on a Sunday to meet up early AM and drive out to the store to participate in the game.  We meet up, got in White Thunder (my daughters name for our Toyota Rav 4) and hit the road, no barely any.  We made awesome time and got to the mall where the store is located.  We meet other player outside the store which opened at 11am (we actually got someplace early :p ) and just waited and talked with some of the local players.  

After 7 hours of gaming the tournament in my opinion was a great success and want to recommend anyone in the South Jersey area to visit Outside the Box Games.  

Check them out on Facebook at

I hope to have Jim on Tabletop Gamers United Podcast soon to talk about his local gaming group and how it feels to run tournaments and what he has learned from running them. 


Episode 4 – What’s on your palette

Scott and I (Nestor) discuss some of the paints that we have used but others that people may not know about. By no means is this a definitive episode on all the paints out there but on some of the paints we have used. As well as primers and other ways to paint your models.

In the future TGU will have guest painters to help explain more of why they use the paints they use and one who painter who makes his mixes his own.
Enjoy the episode.

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