Step Through the Breach – Gambitfaux: 40SS Malifaux Beginner Tournament June 29, 2014

So I (Nestor) wanted to get all the beginner players together for a 40SS tournament. No painting requirement needed. I will be using the rest of the Official Wyrd Tournament packet – Gaining Ground rules. 

Location: Gamer’s Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ

Date: June 29, 2014

Time: 12pm

Entry fee: $5
Please have a fate deck. No regular playing cards allowed for ease of playing for you and your opponent. 

I will be the ringer.

Round 1 – Reconoiter
Round 2 – Stake a Claim
Round 3 – Reckoning

To be told at the Tournament. 

Round 1 – Flank Deployment
Round 2 – Standard Deployment
Round 3 – Corner Deployment

If you are also interested in a demo come on by I will be doing demos as well that day.

If you want to know about Malifaux check out


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