Tabletop Gamer’s United – Episode 1: Intro

Tabletop Gamer’s United – Episode 1: Intro

So this is the first episode of Tabletop Gamers United’s podcast where Andrew, Scott, Calvine and Nestor talk about what started Tabletop Gamers United, what games we currently play, what started us down this path and what will be coming down the feed.  This is very new to us so if you can give us any tips or tricks please do so.  Thanks in Advance.

Tabletop Gamers United
Listen to this episode (right click and save)

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4 responses to “Tabletop Gamer’s United – Episode 1: Intro”

  1. osographic says :

    Excellent first recording you guys. You’re sound quality was smooth as butta’ with no talking over each other. I’m also really digging the groups balanced opinion on all aspects of the hobby. Keep it up and I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Bonnie says :

    Great work guys that was enjoyable even for a sometimes-not-really-gamer 🙂 I do want to get more into Netrunner because card games are my favorite and I am loving the lore of that game. Don’t know if this counts a a table top game but since you did talk about it, I want more! Also, posting some links to conversion and painting would be fun, as an artist myself I would live to see it because I know it can be crazy amazing when the master’s are at work. Congrats on your first podcast! It sounded great!

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