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Episode 3 – What’s in your toolbox?

So after Andrew and I (Nestor) discussed some of tabletop games in the last episode you may have gone and bought your first army.  Well in this episode Calvin and Scott discuss some of the tools of the trade you should or might want to have in your toolbox to make your hobby experience better.  I throw in some commentary here and there but overall have a listen and enjoy.


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Step Through the Breach – Gambitfaux: 40SS Malifaux Beginner Tournament June 29, 2014

So I (Nestor) wanted to get all the beginner players together for a 40SS tournament. No painting requirement needed. I will be using the rest of the Official Wyrd Tournament packet – Gaining Ground rules. 

Location: Gamer’s Gambit in Saddle Brook, NJ

Date: June 29, 2014

Time: 12pm

Entry fee: $5
Please have a fate deck. No regular playing cards allowed for ease of playing for you and your opponent. 

I will be the ringer.

Round 1 – Reconoiter
Round 2 – Stake a Claim
Round 3 – Reckoning

To be told at the Tournament. 

Round 1 – Flank Deployment
Round 2 – Standard Deployment
Round 3 – Corner Deployment

If you are also interested in a demo come on by I will be doing demos as well that day.

If you want to know about Malifaux check out

Episode 2 – So you want to get into wargaming?

In this Episode Nestor and Andrew discuss about getting into some of the Miniature tabletop games we play in the Tri-state area.  From Infinity to WH40K and all those in-between.  You will be surprised what we cover and how informative this episode can be to get you started.

Welcome to Tabletop Gamers United
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Data Sphere – The Word of Lazlo

Data Sphere – The Word of Lazlo

While working on doing the podcast I (Nestor) was also granted the opportunity to write a blog on my experiences.  This is the first post and hopefully have another up soon talking about my first steps playing the game.  

Andrew and I with a special guest host will be talking more about Infinity in the near future so stay tuned.


Tabletop Gamer’s United – Episode 1: Intro

Tabletop Gamer’s United – Episode 1: Intro

So this is the first episode of Tabletop Gamers United’s podcast where Andrew, Scott, Calvine and Nestor talk about what started Tabletop Gamers United, what games we currently play, what started us down this path and what will be coming down the feed.  This is very new to us so if you can give us any tips or tricks please do so.  Thanks in Advance.

Tabletop Gamers United
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